Brightest Color Imaginable

We believe organizations produce game-changing work when you illuminate the purpose that fuels them.



We are a studio of creatives who help clients tell (and leverage) their unique story about purpose.

Here's how we do it...


Clarify your vision & mission

We conduct research and stage workshops with your leaders, employees, and customers to help you zero in on an authentic, ownable, and powerful statement of purpose.

Equip your people with purpose

We work 1:1 with you and your leaders to hone the tools needed to operationalize a mindset of purpose. We then tailor-make programs and events to engage your organization.


Tell your purpose story

Our team helps you translate your story of purpose into messaging that can make products fall into place and solve marketing challenges.

Purpose fuels the work that's really transforming the world.

Today's economy is all about brainpower. The work that really matters? It's highly creative, constantly evolving... and extremely demanding.

To do great things, people need to be fueled by a sense of meaning.  

But most of our workforce (up to 80%) are disengaged at their jobs. These employees are less likely to produce game-changing work, less likely to speak well of their employer... and less likely to be happy. 

Meanwhile, consumers are diverting their spending power to companies who can justify why they exist in the world. 

The great leaders of the next generation are harnessing the power of purpose to drive clarity on their organization's mission and activate their customers and people.


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